Protecting your cherished belongings or important documents is easy with Acme Self Store, as all our prices include contents insurance at no extra cost.

You can make sure your valuable goods, records and possessions stay secure with our comprehensive storage insurance.

The team at Acme Self Store take every step to ensure your property is kept secure and dry, however nobody can provide an absolute guarantee. With our inclusive storage insurance you can be sure your belongings are protected against even the most unlikely eventualities.


Self-storage unit insurance will provide cover against loss or damage to your goods during the period of storage at our facilities in.

Unlike our competitors, comprehensive insurance comes as standard with all our storage units. If you choose to use another storage company and your goods are not insured, then you are likely to be left out of pocket if your goods are lost or damaged.

  • All prices include VAT & contents insurance
  • No deposit
  • No reservation fee
  • 10% discount
  • Up to 25% off selected rooms
  • Multi-room discount
  • Pay 2 months upfront, get the 3rd month free
  • Pay 3 months upfront, get free collection
  • Free wifi

Offers are subject to conditions

Our terms and conditions

Acme Self Store will allow you to store goods subject to you signing our license agreement which states that we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to your property unless you have declared the true total value of the goods under the insurance option clause.

On completion of the insurance option clause your goods are insured, and the storage contents insurance cost is included in your rental charge.

It is important to note that during the entire period of storage, it is your own responsibility to ensure that the sum insured always represents the full replacement cost of the property stored. If at any time the sum insured requires increasing to reflect additional or higher valued items placed into store, you should immediately inform Acme Self Store staff to adjust the license agreement accordingly.

The automatic self-storage contents insurance covers all household and business customers at no extra cost (T&Cs apply).

Remember with Acme Self Store your goods are insured at no extra charge.


When considering insurance for your stored goods, it is worth considering:

  • Many household policies only cover goods in the house and not in transit or storage
  • Household policies often have a higher excess
  • It is always advisable to check your policy
  • Under many household policies your premium will be increased if you make a claim
  • Our storage insurance will ensure your goods are always protected

A summary of our storage contents insurance policy will be issued with the license agreement upon request.

When you finalise your License Agreement with Acme, you should tell them the full value of the goods you intend to store. Insurers will be asked to approve this if it exceeds the limit of £100,000.

In most cases, quotations are available for higher levels of cover but you may be required to provide additional information on the property being stored, additional security arrangements and so on and you may be required to pay an additional premium. In some cases special cover terms are required and these will be confirmed in writing to you.

It is your own responsibility to establish what sum insured you need. Acme Self Store are not qualified to value your goods.

Additional Services we offer include:

Contents insurance included at no extra cost.

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